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McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Tic Tac, Tyson, Mrs. Smith's, and Georgia-Pacific - big name companies with the cash to pay for big time marketing brains to help them maintain a successful social networking presence in today's everchanging advertising and marketing landscape. 

And boy do those brains come up with some great social media strategies. Yours however is only a small company right now, so the chances you could ever afford to hire the same kind of marketing and creative teams as the big boys do to help you come up with a real social media strategy are slim to say the least...or are they?

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Boost Visibility in 90 Days.
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Why Would Big Time Social Media Marketing Experts Help Small Businesses?

Get Fortune 500
Experienced Marketers
Working for Your Small Business 
Starting Today!

The planning begins with a face to face meeting with your own highly experienced marketing and social media experts who will take all the time they need to determine what your expectations are from a social medai marketing campaign really are, and will make sure that they understand everything about your business, your team and your goals for the future.

That team will then craft a step by step Strategic Social Media Marketing Action Plan tailored around your unique company, its offerings and the marketing budget you realistically have to work with. All of this will be delivered in a no nonsense format that will be easy for you to understand and to implement.

Optional ongoing advice from your personal marketing team to help get your personal marketing strategy into action.

At the end of ninety days if the strategic marketing action plan is not working for you, simply request your money back – guaranteed.    

Sounds Great.  But What Is This Going to Cost?

 The Marketing teams behind these strategic action plans are used to getting paid big bucks. But that is not what this initiative is about. 

The Social Media Marketing Strategic Action Plan is about helping small businesses grow by harnessing the power of social media.

 That is Why,
for a Limited Time,
You Can Get Your Own
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Action Plan
for just $249.00   

 I think you'll agree that that is not a lot to pay for your very own Fortune 500 marketing team plotting out your Social Media Future.

the big guys certainly pay a lot more.

Remember, your strategic marketing action plan will help you: 

Help you create a consistent, effective presence across all the major social media networks that will reflect your voice, and your brand, perfectly

Learn how to engage with your audience and provide the value they are looking for.

Maintain that presence and convert those new fans and followers into new customers

and much more...

There is a lot more to social media marketing than setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account and posting a few special offers. A social media marketing campaign is unlike any other kind of advertising and marketing plan. Social media platforms are about engaging consumers, providing value through content and communities and building your brand image.

Its not about the hard sell - but done the right way a good social media marketing campaign can significantly boost your bottom line.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the importance of small business in the rebuilding of the American economy.

How essential their success is to that of the country as a whole.

That is why some of the best marketing brains in the business, the ones who dreamt up and managed many of those successful corporate marketing campaigns, are shifting some of their professional focus and offering their services to small businesses at a price they can afford.

To Succeed in the Social Media Arena You Need a Strategic Action Plan…

Amazingly enough these big time social media marketing experts want to come to your office, meet with you and your team face to face and map out a strategic action plan for a social media marketing plan that generates results.

So just how does this all work?

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